Registration of Agricultural Cooperative

Directorate for Economic Development - Business Registration Center

Purpose: Through this procedure is established an agricultural cooperative, which enables farmers to be organized in the framework of a legal entity

Description: Registration is performed by filling the form for business registration of the Municipal Center for Business Registration - MCBR.

Legal basis

  • Law No. 2003/9 on Agricultural Cooperatives Article 2 Official Gazette of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Kosovo/ Prishtina: Year II / No. 17/01 October 2007

Validity of procedure administrative: No time limit

Information requested

  • Name of Business organization
  • Trade Name
  • Name and address of each founder
  • Type of Business Organization
  • Date of incorporation
  • Main activity, secondary activity, other activity (activity code numbers)
  • Charter capital
  • Board of Directors (the number and their names as members of the board, the registered agent including information on him/her)
  • Unit (number of units and their address, the unit name and their main activity)
  • Additional information if any (this includes the voluntary registration for VAT and Certificate of Import - Export if required)
  • Number of shares and the number of shares it is authorized to issue
  • Registered Agent
  • Information on the applicant

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days):

Documents requested

  • ID card (Copy)
  • Deed of incorporation (Original)
  • Statute (Copy)
  • Agent written consent (Original)
  • Company Regulation according to Article 138 (Copy)
Free of charge

Form is not available