Permit for use of public space - setting murals on the facades of collective residential buildings

Directorate for Public Services

Purpose: Offering the opportunity to use the space of collective residential buildings is permitted, provided that there are no damages to walls and facades and entrances, balconies, windows of residents in facilities.

Description: The procedure begins with the Citizen Service Center through a request which is submitted to DPS. The respective officer inspects the site and compiles the record under which is issued a written legal document (permit, decision) within 30 days. The legal document is sent to the CSC where the notified parties withdraw the legal document issued by DPS.

Legal basis

Validity of procedure administrative: as requested by the parties

Information requested

  • Name and Surname
  • Personal No.
  • Address of residence
  • Protocol No.
  • Date of application
  • Telephone No.
  • E-mail
  • Type of Request
  • Information on the Businesses organization (if the request is submitted by legal persons)

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 30

Documents requested

  • ID card (Copy)
  • Evidence on payment of municipal tax (for previous years) (Original)
  • Evidence on payment of Property Tax (Original)
  • Business registration certificate (when the request is submitted by Legal Persons) (Copy)
  • Blueprints and photos, exact wall locations and dimensions (Original)
Payment typeAmount (in Euro)Method of paymentAccount number
Payment25 EUR per m2/year Payment via stamp 111-0970023520157

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