Request for material support for families of children with permanent disabilities

Directorate for Health and Social Welfare

Purpose: In order to provide material support for families of children with permanent disabilities

Description: Families with children with disabilities can apply to municipal CSW for material support. Through the parents or the guardian, by filing a written request to the CSW. At the SWC is convened the Medical Committee which makes the assessment of health status and the SWC issues a decision within 30 days.

Legal basis

Validity of procedure administrative: Until the age of 18

Information requested

  • Name Surname of applicant
  • Name surname of the child with permanent special needs
  • Information current address
  • Dates of birth of the child and parents
  • Bank account owned by the applicant
  • Information on child education
  • Responsible Officer receiving the file
  • Gender
  • Information on the medical condition
  • Type of medical condition
  • Date of appearance of medical condition
  • Signature of the applicant

Anticipated time within which must be answered for procedure (days): 90

Documents requested

  • Applicant ID card (Verified copy)
  • Certificate of residence of family and child under custody (Verified copy)
  • Child birth certificate (Original)
  • Custody official decision if custodian is the applicant (Original)
  • Medical documentation including case history/official medical certificate/on child health condition (Original)
Free of charge

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